Quote of NCR
LClose 4.50 Price 4.50
Change 0.00 (0.00%) Low 4.50
High 4.50 EPS 0.00
PE 2,900.00 Shares Outs. 108,000,000
52WkHigh 6.00 52WkLow 4.50
50d Mov Avg 4.80 200d Mov Avg 5.61
AvgDlyVol 37,354.56 3MthChg -1.50 (-25.00%)
6MthChg -1.50 (-25.00%) 12MthChg -1.80 (-28.57%)
Div. Yield 66.6666 Risk Factor 0.1595152
Sector IT Services
NCR (Nigeria) PLC operates as a subsidiary of NCR Corp.

Name Title
Adekunle Ojora Chairman
Ahmed Hamada Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
Chukwueke Caleb Interim Financial Controller
Olufunke Hussain Company Secretary
Hamzat Ahmadu Non-Executive Director
George Flouros Non-Executive Director
Michael Vallier Non-Executive Director

Statement of Comprehensive Income as at

Name Amount
Revenue 6,907,926.00
Profit/(Loss) before tax 620,042.00
Taxation -469,374.00
Profit/(Loss) after tax 150,668.00
Transfer to revenue reserve
Profit attributable to:
owners of the company
Non-controlling interest
Earnings per 50k share 1.40
Net assets per 50k share 4.11