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(Source: NSE, Date: 11-Jun-2021)

11 JUNE 2021						       	      NGXREG/BDR/MB8/21/06/11

WCM Capital Limited - Appointment of Directors

The above named Trading License Holder has notified NGX Regulation Limited of the appointment of Non-Executive Directors and is seeking approval as follows:


Ms. Oluwatosin Kasope Akingbade ?Non-Executive Director
Ms. Ngozi Chinwe Adiele - 		Non-Executive Director


Oluwatosin Kasope Akingbade ?Holds a Master? degree in Computing and Internet Systems from Kings College London, United Kingdom.  She is an Associate Member of the Project Management Institute of Nigeria.  

Prior to her appointment, she had worked with Olaniwun Ajayi LP, PricewaterhouseCoopers and MTN Communications Limited.

Ngozi Adiele ?Holds a Master? in Financial and Human Resource Management from University of Kent (Canterbury), Kent, England.  She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Society for Human Resource Management. 

Prior to her appointment, she had worked with Glenmere Consulting Limited; Old Mutual, Kimberly Ryan, Enable Limited, ECOWAS Commission and Morgan Hunt International.

Any objection to the appointment of Ms. Oluwatosin Kasope Akingbade and Ms. Ngozi Chinwe Adiele as Non-Executive Directors in WCM Capital Limited should be forwarded to NGX Regulation Limited within seven (7) days of this publication.
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