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Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert (25-Nov-2021 13:38:16.699)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 25-Nov-2021)
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Dear Investor
Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert
Unusual Volume: Volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average (All exchanges; ASI & ASem).
For more detailed analysis,
  • On InfoWARE Market Data Terminal <UV> <GO>
  • On InfoWARE Finance Mobile App ( Android, iPhone & iPad and Windows 10), look under "Research & Trading Strategies"

HONYFLOURHONEYWELL FLOUR MILL PLC51.52M11.70M340.394.053.699.7625-Nov-2021 13:36:52.787352205.74M
UPLUNIVERSITY PRESS PLC.7.26M931.53K679.262.402.50-4.0025-Nov-2021 13:27:10.6272117.44M
UNITYBNKUNITY BANK PLC4.05M1.41M187.330.500.55-9.0925-Nov-2021 13:31:30.133132.04M
UBNUNION BANK NIG.PLC.3.70M1.74M113.164.854.95-2.0225-Nov-2021 13:37:04.6506117.66M
LINKASSURELINKAGE ASSURANCE PLC1.44M605.07K138.100.500.51-1.9625-Nov-2021 13:32:05.48015741.90K
CORNERSTCORNERSTONE INSURANCE COMPANY PLC.1.01M409.39K146.080.520.520.0025-Nov-2021 13:29:04.3934524.03K
UPDCREITUPDC REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST740.37K161.35K358.875.605.600.0025-Nov-2021 13:02:38.077233.74M
LEARNAFRCALEARN AFRICA PLC676.30K186.68K262. 13:35:15.87325819.67K
DEAPCAPDEAP CAPITAL MANAGEMENT & TRUST PLC300.00K5.34K5,521. 10:42:37.740160.00K
MEYERMEYER PLC.17.34K3.42K406.910.200.200.0025-Nov-2021 13:15:35.60723.81K

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