LClose 18.90 Price 18.90
Change 0.00 (0.00%) Low 18.90
High 18.90 EPS 3.34
PE 14.01 Shares Outs. 693,952,117
52WkHigh 21.45 52WkLow 13.15
50d Mov Avg 20.82 200d Mov Avg 18.29
AvgDlyVol 134,371.05 3MthChg 5.75 (43.73%)
6MthChg -1.95 (-9.35%) 12MthChg -1.05 (-5.26%)
Div. Yield 9.5238 Risk Factor 0.074432
Sector Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors
Company Profile

Conoil Plc markets refined petroleum products; and manufactures and markets lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) for domestic and industrial use in Nigeria. The company is involved in the retail of petrol, diesel, kerosene, gas, and other petroleum products through approximately 300 outlets and stations; marketing of lubrication and coolant products to commercial, industrial, and retail customers; and manufacture of lubricants under the Quatro, Okada Golden Super, and Golden Super brands. Its retail automotive lubricants include multi-grade engine and gasoline engine lubricants, diesel and diesel engine oils, transmission oils, transmission and brake fluids, and two-stroke engine oils. The company’s industrial lubricants comprise industrial and automotive gear oils, anti wear and zinc free hydraulic fluids, electrical insulating oils, refrigeration compressor oils, non detergents based engine/compressor oils, rotary vane and screw air compressor oils, thermal fluids, bearing and general circulatory system lubricants, soluble and general machining oils, metal cutting machining oils, non compound and compound stern tube/steam cylinder oils, diesel engine oils, trunk piston diesel engine oils, zinc free diesel engine oils, and gas engine oils, as well as greases for automotive and industrial applications. In addition, it stores and delivers jet fuel to airports, airlines, and small aircraft owners; delivers petroleum products, such as fuel oils, solvents, and bitumen to breweries, textile firms, banks, hotels, cement and transport companies, cosmetics manufacturers, and vegetable oil producers; and markets LPG under the Congas brand. Conoil Plc offers its products through petrol stations, LPG distributors, and lube bays, as well as supplies fuel directly. The company was formerly known as National Oil and Chemical Marketing Plc. The company was founded in 1927 and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Conoil Plc is a subsidiary of Conpetro Limited. Website: www.conoilplc.com Founded in: 1927

Income statement

Statement of Comprehensive Income as at

Name Amount
Revenue 115,513,246.00
Profit before tax 2,304,627.00
Taxation -726,120.00
Profit after tax 1,578,507.00
Earnings per share 227.00