LClose 1.12 Price 1.10
Change -0.02 (-1.79%) Low 1.10
High 1.10 EPS 0.11
52WkHigh 1.79 52WkLow 0.38
50d Mov Avg 1.07 200d Mov Avg 1.32
AvgDlyVol 778.26K 3MthChg -0.14 (-11.29%)
6MthChg -0.54 (-32.93%) 12MthChg 0.65 (144.44%)
Beta 0.6161787 Risk Factor 0.03193455
PE 9.60 Shares Outs. 1.83B
Div. Yield 9.09 Market Cap 2.02B
Volume 306.02K # Of Trades 9
Trades Value 336.68K
Sector Insurance Carriers, Brokers and Services
Company Profile

LASACO Assurance Plc provides various insurance products and services in Nigeria. The company offers auto, bond, engineering, fire policy, burglary/house-break in, marine and aviation policy, oil and energy, money, liability, and individual and group life insurance products. It operates branches and underwriting offices in 13 locations. The company was incorporated in 1979 and is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria.

Website:	www.lasacoassurance.com
Founded in:	1979

Income statement

Statement of Comprehensive Income as at

Name Amount
Gross Premium 6,673,652.00
Profit before tax 854,273.00
Taxation 192,395.00
Profit after tax 661,878.00
Transfer to revenue reserve 320,167.00
Transfer to revenue 320,167.00
Profit attributable to:
owners of the Company 661,878.00
Net assets per 50k share 1.94
Net assets per 50k share (k) 2.00

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Board of directors
Name Title
Aderinola Disu Chairman of the Board
Olusola Ladipo-Ajayi Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
Akinwale Sofile General Manager, Finance & Accounts
Olumide Jayeola General Manager/Chief Executive Officer of Lasaco Properties Ltd
Oluyemi Samson General Manager, Technical
Morayo Akinkunmi Company Secretary/Legal Adviser
Shobo Ademoye General Manager, Marketing
A. Olona General Manager, LIFE
Luqman Dosunmu Executive Director
Ronke Babaita Assistant General Manager, Public Sector
Akintunde Emmanuel Assistant General Manager, Marketing
Jide Lawal Assistant General Manager, Reinsurance