LClose 3.09 Price 3.09
Change 0.00 (0.00%) Low 3.09
High 3.09 EPS 0.00
52WkHigh 3.43 52WkLow 1.80
50d Mov Avg 3.24 200d Mov Avg 2.32
AvgDlyVol 39.70K 3MthChg 1.11 (56.06%)
6MthChg 1.09 (54.50%) 12MthChg 0.89 (40.45%)
Beta -0.1841806 Risk Factor 0.1595152
PE 0.00 Shares Outs. 108.00M
Div. Yield 97.09 Market Cap 333.72M
Volume 100.00 # Of Trades 1
Trades Value 309.00
Sector IT Services
Company Profile

NCR (Nigeria) PLC operates as a subsidiary of NCR Corp.

Income statement

Statement of Comprehensive Income as at

Name Amount
Revenue 6,621,647.00
Profit before taxation 69,907.00
Income tax expenses -44,000.00
Profit after tax 25,907.00
Profit attributable to:
Owners of the company
Non-controlling interest
Earnings per 50k share (k) 0.00
Net assets per 50k share (k) 4.00
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Board of directors
Name Title
Adekunle Ojora Chairman
Ahmed Hamada Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer
Chukwueke Caleb Interim Financial Controller
Olufunke Hussain Company Secretary
Hamzat Ahmadu Non-Executive Director
George Flouros Non-Executive Director
Michael Vallier Non-Executive Director