LClose 93.00 Price 93.00
Change 0.00 (0.00%) Low 93.00
High 93.00 EPS 5.63
52WkHigh 93.00 52WkLow 55.05
50d Mov Avg 93.00 200d Mov Avg 85.07
AvgDlyVol 233.66K 3MthChg 13.00 (16.25%)
6MthChg 15.00 (19.23%) 12MthChg 31.60 (51.47%)
Beta 0.05192431 Risk Factor 0.0009435768
PE 16.52 Shares Outs. 953.91M
Div. Yield 2.15 Market Cap 88.71B
Volume 54.05K # Of Trades 9
Trades Value 4.86M
Sector Crop Production
Company Profile

The Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC engages in the cultivation of oil palm and rubber plantations in Nigeria. The company is also involved in refining fresh fruit bunches; palm kernel processing for resale; and the processing of rubber lumps to rubber cake for export. The company’s products include natural rubber and palm fruits, as well as cooking oil under the brand name of Banga. The company also exports its products to Europe. The Okomu Oil Palm Company PLC was founded in 1976 and is based in Benin City, Nigeria.

Website:	www.okomuoilplc.net
Founded in:	1973

Income statement

Statement of Comprehensive Income as at

Name Amount
Revenue 20,257,669.00
Profit before taxation 10,337,171.00
Taxation -1,835,322.00
Profit after tax 8,501,849.00
Transfer to revenue reserve 8,501,849.00
Profit attributable to:
Owners of the company 2,861,730.00
Non-controllings interest
Earnings per share (k) 891.00
Net assets per 50k share (k) 2,989.00
Most Recent Financial Statements for OKOMU OIL PALM PLC.
Board of directors
Name Title
Gbenga Oyebode Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Alain Mary Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director
Graham Hefer Managing Director, Executive Director
Christian Mariere Company Secretary
Luc Boedt Non-Executive Director
Sven Claeys Non-Executive Director
Philippe de Traux de Wardin Non-Executive Director
David Edebiri Non-Executive Director
Peter Eguasa Non-Executive Director
Hubert Fabri Non-Executive Director
Regis Helsmoortel Non-Executive Director
Asue Ighodalo Independent Non-Executive Director