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Sector Details for Electronic and Electrical Products
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Electronic and Electrical Products
Stock Count 4 Change ₦0.00
Index ₦1.17 Last Index ₦1.17
Volume ₦8,068.00 Avg Flunctuation ₦0.00
Gainer CUTIX Loser CUTIX
Gainer Count 0 Loser Count 0
Max Flunctuating Stock CUTIX Top Flunctuating Price ₦2.66
Top Flunctuating Max High ₦2.66 Top Flunctuating Max Low ₦2.66
Top Gainer Price ₦2.66 Top Loser Price ₦2.66
Top Gainer Max High ₦2.66 Top Gainer Max Low ₦2.66
Top Loser Max High ₦2.66 Top Loser Max Low ₦2.66
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