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Hello Esteemed Investor!

Do you want to Buy and Sell on the NGX Platform.

We are please to offer the IDIA mobile App.

IDIA Mobile App provides a Convenient and easy to use Trading Platform for both Beginners and Professional Investors.

Top of the features available on IDIA are;

  1. Trade Equities, Bonds, ETF, and other Securities available on the NGX in real time.
  2. View Market Pricelist, Indices and Securities Snapshot.
  3. Create Unified access to all Brokerage Account by linking all Brokerage Account to your profile.
  4. Create Price Trigger Notification to be notified when the market condition set is met.
  5. Create Simulated Portfolio
  6. Trade with Virtual Money on "GrowMyKudi" Simulated Trading Platform to hone trading skills.
  7. Chat and Engage with other Investor in the Community using the Message Board.

To Download IDIA; Click on your Preferred App Stores Icon below.

Get TradePal on Google Play Get TradePal on App Store

Once you are dong downloading and installing the App.

Follow the Steps below if you

Don't have a Brokerage Account or Broker Not Available on IDIA

  1. From the Hamburger Menu List; Select "Log-In" to get started.
  2. Click on the "Sign-up" Link.
  3. Enter your Preferred Email Address.
  4. You should receive an OTP PIN to verify your email address.
  5. Complete the required Sign-up Process.
  6. Once you are done registering your profile.
  7. Click on "Manage Account" and select "Add Broker"
  8. Select "via KYC Registration" options.
  9. From the available List of Brokers "Select the Broker" you would want to Register your Brokerage Account with.
  10. Complete the Registration Process on the App.
  11. You would be contacted by the Broker within 24 - 48 on the status of your Account Opening Request.
  12. You should receive a UserID and Password from the Selected Broker. This would be used to Log-In and Trade with Broker.
  13. Enter the Credentials received to authenticate on the Broker registered with.
  14. Click on the "Authenticate" button to log-on directly to your brokerage account.
  15. To Fund your Brokerage Account. Please contact your Broker for the available Channels for funding to get you started.
  16. Once you receive funding confirmation from the Broker, you can use the IDIA "Trade Wizard" function to get started if you are new to Trading and if you are an experienced trader then you can select  "Trade Pro"

Have a Brokerage Account and your Broker is Available on IDIA

  1. Click on the "Log-In" and then "Sign-up" if you are new User.
  2. Enter your Preferred Email Address.
  3. You would receive a One Time PIN "OTP" to authenticate your email address.
  4. Complete the Sign-up process.
  5. Once you have successfully Log-on to the IDIA Mobile Platform.
  6. To access your Brokerage Account with Broker. Please click on the "Manage Accounts" from the Hamburger Menu Options.
  7. Then Select "Add New Broker" and choose the Option "Via Credential".
  8. Select "Broker" from the list displayed of available Brokers on the Platform.
  9. Enter the same Credentials you currently use to authenticate on the Broker Portal.
  10. Click on the "Authenticate" button to log-on directly to your brokerage account.

Notes: Trading Involves taking risk and you could possibly lose a part of your investments. However, if you invest time in learning how to invest and with good risk management technique, you could make good returns overtime.

However, we got you covered by providing a Virtual Trading Simulation Platform called "GrowMyKudi" on the IDIA App. This allows you to join a Game and Invest with Virtual Money. Once you have the right confidence in your investment abilities, then proceed to invest in the Live Market and "MAKE COOL CASH".

We hope you would enjoy using the App as we have had the delight of developing the App. However, should you have any challenge using the App or accessing any of the App features.

Please contact our customer care on {InfoWARE IDIA Support Email Here}.


IDIA Support Team

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