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Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert (26-Jan-2021 12:38:22.880)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 26-Jan-2021)
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Dear Investor
Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert
Unusual Volume: Volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average (All exchanges; ASI & ASem).
For more detailed analysis,
  • On InfoWARE Market Data Terminal <UV> <GO>
  • On InfoWARE Finance Mobile App ( Android, iPhone & iPad and Windows 10), look under "Research & Trading Strategies"

SOVRENINSSOVEREIGN TRUST INSURANCE PLC21.09M2.54M729.220.270.30-10.0026-Jan-2021 12:11:18.537415.70M
LASACOLASACO ASSURANCE PLC.20.50M8.03M155.200.440.440.0026-Jan-2021 12:24:54.470818.45M
UNIVINSUREUNIVERSAL INSURANCE COMPANY PLC7.01M2.28M207.320.230.219.5226-Jan-2021 12:27:31.940351.45M
ROYALEXROYAL EXCHANGE PLC.5.06M2.37M113.230.390.368.3326-Jan-2021 12:12:58.743191.76M
PORTPAINTPORTLAND PAINTS & PRODUCTS NIGERIA PLC4.43M267.73K1,555.252.902.900.0026-Jan-2021 12:24:41.460812.85M
CHAMPIONCHAMPION BREW. PLC.3.94M1.50M163.272.352.149.8126-Jan-2021 12:19:23.143659.21M
AIRTELAFRIAIRTEL AFRICA PLC1.33M143.36K830.20920.00855.007.6026-Jan-2021 12:31:47.923411.18B
SEPLATSEPLAT PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD748.10K129.31K478.55490.00540.00-9.2626-Jan-2021 12:26:01.82365366.51M
JOHNHOLTJOHN HOLT PLC.404.77K59.74K577.530.450.50-10.0026-Jan-2021 12:23:22.9977182.18K
ACADEMYACADEMY PRESS PLC.395.04K92.31K327.930.400.44-9.0926-Jan-2021 12:09:36.66010162.82K

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