Before it's here, it's on InfoWARE Market Data Terminal; Years of Fundamentals, Analytics and more... INTBREW 10.00  THOMASWY 9.95  CHAMS 9.86  CHAMPION 9.83  JOHNHOLT 9.66  MCNICHOLS 9.52  ACADEMY 9.29  VERITASKAP 8.99  LASACO 6.93  CORNERST 6.50  VSPBONDETF -49.12  MERGROWTH -10.00  MERVALUE -10.00  MULTIVERSE -9.68  VETGOODS -8.00  RTBRISCOE -7.46  SUNUASSUR -6.25  NEM -5.95  FIDELITYBK -4.81  INTENEGINS -3.80 
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InfoWARE Analyst Daily Market Report - 21-Jun-2024 15:08:19.797

The Nigerian equities market recorded another down day, as the NGX All-Share Index (NGXASI) closed the day down by -0.10%, to bring the Year-to-Date returns up 31.26%. The All Share Index closed at 99,743.05 against the previous close of 99,842.95, volume traded decreased by -52.46% from 1.30B to 617.07M, while market turnover (the total value of shares traded) decreased by -55.27% from NGN25.29B to NGN11.31B in 9,177.00 deals.
Market breadth (0.70x) signified Thirty-one (31) advancers, as against Forty-four (44) decliners. Volume was up for 78 companies and down for 80

INTERNATIONAL BREWERIES PLC. (INTBREW) topped the advancers list closing at N4.40 with a gain of 10.00% followed by THOMAS WYATT NIG. PLC. (THOMASWY) which closed at N2.10 with a gain of 9.95%.

On the flip side VETIVA S & P NIGERIA SOVEREIGN BOND ETF (VSPBONDETF) and MERISTEM GROWTH EXCHANGE TRADED FUND (MERGROWTH) topped the decliners log with a loss of -49.12% at a close of N145.00, and -10.00% to close the day at N54.00 respectively.

Top Gainers
Top Losers

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Currency Market
In the currency market, the Naira appreciated 0.57%(8.51) against the Dollar to settle at 1 to 1

Investment Insights - Top 5 Gainers YTD

These stocks are the best performers whose price has risen faster than the market as a whole with the best returns year to date. Momentum investors believe that stocks that have outperformed the market will often continue to do so because the factors that caused them to outperform will not suddenly disappear. In addition, other investors seeking to benefit from the stock’s outperformance will often purchase the stock, further bidding its price higher and pushing the stock higher still

NGX Top 5 Gainers YTD

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NSE: Bull Signal - Price crossed above 15 Day MA

This signal implies these stocks are under buying pressure and the price might continue to rise and therefore positions should be monitored closely. Further suggested analysis include looking at the overall market (ASI) to see if the uptrend is market wide, sector wide or specific to the stock. Portfolio managers tend to use this as a signal to do more research to add to their positions or lock in some profits. Typically further analysis should be done using commands like PC and RV on the InfoWARE Market Data Terminal. Another command is ALERTS to set price triggers for possible exit or entry as necessary

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ACADEMY2.008.501.990.000.005.461.51B213.89K12.00427.16K21-Jun-2024 14:30:09.953
LASACO2.166.482.0719.030.114.593.96B461.33K28.00988.30K21-Jun-2024 14:30:33.067
FIDSON15.003.3314.5522.610.643.4434.42B786.22K39.0011.44M21-Jun-2024 14:30:11.237

NSE: BEAR Signal - Price crossed below 15 Day MA

This signal implies these stocks are under selling pressure and the price might continue to slide and therefore positions should be monitored closely. Further suggested analysis include looking at the overall market (ASI) to see if the downtrend is market wide, sector wide or specific to the stock. If the overal market trend is upwards, then since these stocks are heading in the opposite direction, then further analysis should be done using commands like PC and RV on the InfoWARE Market Data Terminal. Another command is ALERTS to set price triggers for possible exit is necessar

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CUSTODIAN9.80-3.0610.092.843.291.6057.64B1.72M57.0016.85M21-Jun-2024 14:30:10.647
INTENEGINS1.52-3.951.550.532.853.291.95B1.52M22.002.31M21-Jun-2024 14:30:11.683
FIDELITYBK9.90-5.059.988.541.176.00286.85B38.45M552.00392.17M21-Jun-2024 14:30:33.033
NEM7.90-6.338.6625.940.373.1439.63B1.72M52.0013.70M21-Jun-2024 14:30:12.330
SUNUASSUR1.20-6.671. 14:30:13.223
VSPBONDETF145.00-96.54248.210.000.0011.002.002.99K21-Jun-2024 14:30:33.593

Economic Indicators - Nigeria FX Reserves Vs ASI Chart

Nigeria FX Reserves are assets held on reserve by CBN in foreign currencies. These reserves are used to back liabilities and influence monetary policy. Given the nature of the Nigeria economy, FX Reserves can appear to have an outsize influence on the economy and hence on the capital market. The chart below allows comparison of FX Reserves against the ASI to make investment decisions

Economic Indicators - Nigeria FX Reserves Vs ASI Chart

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Market Trend - ASI (NGX All-Share-Index) With 50 & 200 Day MAvgs Chart

Technical traders typically use the 50 & 200 day moving averages to aid in choosing where to enter or exit a position, which then causes these levels to act as strong support or resistance. As a general guideline, if the price is above a moving average, the trend is up. If the price is below a moving average, the trend is down.
It is important to note that critics of technical analysis say that moving averages act as support and resistance because so many traders use these indicators to inform their trading decisions. Also moving averages tend to work quite well in strong trending conditions but poorly in choppy or ranging conditions.
Trading Strategies: Crossovers
Crossovers are one of the main moving average strategies. The first type is a price crossover, which is when the price crosses above or below a moving average to signal a potential change in trend. Another strategy is to apply two moving averages to a chart: one longer and one shorter. When the shorter-term MA crosses above the longer-term MA, it is a buy signal, as it indicates that the trend is shifting up. This is known as a golden cross. Meanwhile, when the shorter-term MA crosses below the longer-term MA, it is a sell signal, as it indicates that the trend is shifting down. This is known as a dead/death cross

ASI (NGX All-Share-Index) With 50 & 200 Day MAvgs

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Unusual Volume: Volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average (All exchanges; ASI & ASem). For more detailed analysis,

FBNHFBN HOLDINGS PLC207.91M25.79M706.0521.1521.90-3.425444.57B
VERITASKAPVERITAS KAPITAL ASSURANCE PLC57.59M10.41M453.360.970.898.9916055.20M
AIICOAIICO INSURANCE PLC.46.83M12.06M288.300.960.960.0016645.17M
CHAMSCHAMS PLC15.77M4.45M254.662.342.139.8616435.90M

Investment Insights - High Div. Stocks

Dividend stocks distribute a portion of the company earnings to investors on a regular basis and they can a great choice for investors looking for regular income. As an investment or trading strategy, high dividend yield equities provide annual cash payments as against mostly capital gains in the price of a stock. The list in the table below represent the highest dividend paying stocks from the list of the most liquid stocks in the NSE top 30.

Top 10 high dividend yield stocks

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Investment Insights - Stocks outperforming the ASI but with approximately the same risk

These list of stocks represent equities that are less risky than the ASI but doing better than the ASI (All Shares Index) using the YTD (Year to Date) returns as the measure. The risk is measured by Beta. Beta is an assessment of a stock's tendency to undergo price changes, (its volatility), as well as its potential returns compared to the ASI. It is expressed as a ratio, where a score of 1 represents performance comparable to the ASI, and returns above or below the market may receive scores greater or lower than 1.

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Chart of the day: OPEC Basket Price Vs ASI (365 Day Chart)

The OPEC basket is a weighted average of oil prices from the different OPEC members around the world. The basket is a benchmark, or reference point, for those monitoring the price of oil and the stability of the global oil market. Today, the OPEC basket averages the prices from Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. These fourteen countries represent the membership of OPEC. Many other countries throughout the world also produce oil. However, they are not OPEC members. Russia, the U.S., China, and Canada are all major oil producers but not OPEC members. OPEC?s member countries produce in total 40 percent of the world?s oil. (Definition Source:

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OPEC Basket Price Vs ASI (365 Day Chart)

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African Markets
BRVM Stock Exchange208.590.400.19
Botswana Stock Exchange8,741.6528.750.33
Egyptian Exchange20,002.10347.881.77
Ghana Stock Exchange3,141.18-0.63-0.02
Johannesburg Stock Exchange73,849.537.380.01
Lusaka Stock Exchange9,523.07108.271.15
Casablanca Stock Exchange12,278.5653.790.44
Malawi Stock Exchange115,209.51-80.70-0.07
Nigeria Stock Exchange67,100.49113.880.17
Nairobi Securities Exchange93.00-0.60-0.64
Namibian Stock Exchange1,593.55-4.96-0.31
Rwanda Stock Exchange143.69-0.07-0.05
Tunis Stock Exchange8,458.97-14.40-0.17
Uganda Securities Exchange923.89-1.30-0.14
Nigeria Market Indexes

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Stock by Sector
Sector Volume Trades Value Date
Automobile/Auto Part Retailers 1,198,696 15 ₦745,811.52 21-Jun-2024
Banking 144,572,099 2,506 ₦3,917,453,977.36 21-Jun-2024
Beverages--Brewers/Distillers 6,448,719 347 ₦74,138,074.26 21-Jun-2024
Building Materials 1,723,005 273 ₦64,248,115.81 21-Jun-2024
Chemicals 164,116 11 ₦1,960,400.60 21-Jun-2024
Computers and Peripherals 477,507 24 ₦315,097.70 21-Jun-2024
Courier/Freight/Delivery 569,652 56 ₦2,181,025.00 21-Jun-2024
Crop Production 3,426,618 329 ₦238,873,176.60 21-Jun-2024
DEBT 32,026 12 ₦26,890,685.38 21-Jun-2024
Diversified Industries 21,719,744 714 ₦255,886,852.90 21-Jun-2024
Electronic and Electrical Products 1,406,840 42 ₦5,438,236.38 21-Jun-2024
Energy Equipment and Services 937,622 50 ₦1,862,025.19 21-Jun-2024
ETF 5,367 19 ₦396,694.60 21-Jun-2024
Food Products 3,538,161 436 ₦110,849,391.78 21-Jun-2024
Food Products--Diversified 961,327 126 ₦208,415,904.70 21-Jun-2024
Hospitality 2,580,604 29 ₦1,232,004.49 21-Jun-2024
Household Durables 173,336 42 ₦3,302,955.00 21-Jun-2024
Infrastructure/Heavy Construction 619,917 77 ₦56,002,002.05 21-Jun-2024
Insurance Carriers, Brokers and Services 143,566,702 731 ₦139,205,526.88 21-Jun-2024
Integrated Oil and Gas Services 6,912,611 258 ₦103,746,191.25 21-Jun-2024
IT Services 2,388,140 74 ₦12,634,424.45 21-Jun-2024
Livestock/Animal Specialties 501,633 40 ₦869,005.91 21-Jun-2024
Media/Entertainment 317,858 26 ₦167,138.66 21-Jun-2024
Medical Supplies 10,000 2 ₦41,000.00 21-Jun-2024
Metals 50 1 ₦387.50 21-Jun-2024
Micro-Finance Banks 138,258 18 ₦236,722.50 21-Jun-2024
Mining Services 102,020 5 ₦1,142,624.00 21-Jun-2024
Other Financial Institutions 239,309,022 1,405 ₦5,466,647,316.84 21-Jun-2024
Packaging/Containers 6,210 5 ₦34,050.00 21-Jun-2024
Paper/Forest Products 166,154 16 ₦348,822.50 21-Jun-2024
Personal/Household Products 6,541,261 115 ₦113,250,359.15 21-Jun-2024
Petroleum and Petroleum Products Distributors 406,239 145 ₦23,340,398.70 21-Jun-2024
Pharmaceuticals 4,323,236 137 ₦25,466,203.63 21-Jun-2024
Printing/Publishing 463,793 38 ₦1,174,132.32 21-Jun-2024
Real Estate Development 411,920 25 ₦563,944.67 21-Jun-2024
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 252,177 57 ₦17,429,101.95 21-Jun-2024
Road Transportation 50,158 13 ₦31,627.62 21-Jun-2024
Specialty 68,331 10 ₦35,534.43 21-Jun-2024
Telecommunications Services 1,863,079 502 ₦388,429,728.60 21-Jun-2024
Transport-Related Services 472,956 61 ₦15,582,355.35 21-Jun-2024
Market Indexes
Name Symbol Price(₦) LClose(₦) Change %Chg
NGX All-Share ASI ₦99,743.05 ₦99,842.95 -99.90 -0.10%
NGX 30 NGX30 ₦3,694.66 ₦3,698.53 -3.87 -0.10%
NGX-AFR Bank Value NGXAFRBVI ₦1,874.76 ₦1,889.22 -14.46 -0.77%
NGX AFR Div Yield NGXAFRHDYI ₦10,640.49 ₦10,657.98 -17.49 -0.16%
NGX ASeM NGXASEM ₦1,504.55 ₦1,504.55 0.00 0.00%
NGX Banking NGXBNK ₦820.86 ₦831.30 -10.44 -1.26%
NGX CG NGXCG ₦2,183.63 ₦2,201.90 -18.27 -0.83%
NGX Consumer Goods NGXCNSMRGDS ₦1,590.51 ₦1,587.93 2.58 0.16%
NGX Growth NGXGROWTH ₦5,578.50 ₦5,564.90 13.60 0.24%
NGX Industrial NGXINDUSTR ₦4,711.76 ₦4,707.89 3.87 0.08%
NGX Insurance NGXINS ₦377.97 ₦383.56 -5.59 -1.46%
NGX Lotus Islamic NGXLOTUSISLM ₦6,274.78 ₦6,264.09 10.69 0.17%
NGX Main-Board NGXMAINBOARD ₦4,692.70 ₦4,697.10 -4.40 -0.09%
NGX MERI GROWTH NGXMERIGRW ₦4,518.43 ₦4,539.08 -20.65 -0.45%
NGX MERI VALUE NGXMERIVAL ₦6,609.50 ₦6,607.73 1.77 0.03%
NGX Oil/Gas NGXOILGAS ₦1,362.80 ₦1,361.12 1.68 0.12%
NGX Pension Broad NGXPENBRD ₦1,758.80 ₦1,760.99 -2.19 -0.12%
NGX PENSION NGXPENSION ₦3,688.86 ₦3,706.02 -17.16 -0.46%
NGX Premium NGXPREMIUM ₦9,784.37 ₦9,795.25 -10.88 -0.11%
NGX Sovereign Bond NGXSOVBND ₦766.01 ₦766.01 0.00 0.00%
Currency Rate(₦)
Nigeria Naira Nigeria Naira (NGN/NGN) ₦1.00
US Dollar US Dollar (USD/NGN) ₦1,483.82
British Pound British Pound (GBP/NGN) ₦1,886.50
Euro Euro (EUR/NGN) ₦1,593.63
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY/NGN) ₦9.41
Canadian Dollar Canadian Dollar (CAD/NGN) ₦1,081.95
China Yuan Renminbi China Yuan Renminbi (CNY/NGN) ₦204.50
Australia Dollar Australia Dollar (AUD/NGN) ₦981.95
(BCEAO) Franc (BCEAO) Franc (XOF/NGN) ₦2.43
CFA Franc CFA Franc (XAF/NGN) ₦2.43
Ghana Cedi Ghana Cedi (GHS/NGN) ₦98.81
United Arab Emirates Dirham United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED/NGN) ₦403.98
South Africa Rand South Africa Rand (ZAR/NGN) ₦81.35
Japanese Yen Japanese Yen (JPY/NGN) ₦9.41
Kenya Shilling Kenya Shilling (KES/NGN) ₦11.46
Egypt Pound Egypt Pound (EGP/NGN) ₦31.10
India Rupee India Rupee (INR/NGN) ₦17.77
Australia Dollar Australia Dollar (AUD/NGN) ₦981.95
Switzerland Franc Switzerland Franc (CHF/NGN) ₦1,670.17
Algeria Dinar Algeria Dinar (DZD/NGN) ₦11.01
Morocco Dirham Morocco Dirham (MAD/NGN) ₦148.52
Angola Kwanza Angola Kwanza (AOA/NGN) ₦1.73
Tanzania Shilling Tanzania Shilling (TZS/NGN) ₦0.57
Botswana Pula Botswana Pula (BWP/NGN) ₦109.38
Ethiopia Birr Ethiopia Birr (ETB/NGN) ₦25.81
Namibia Dollar Namibia Dollar (NAD/NGN) ₦80.95
Sudan Pound Sudan Pound (SDG/NGN) ₦2.53
Mozambique Metical Mozambique Metical (MZN/NGN) ₦23.22
Sierra Leone Leone Sierra Leone Leone (SLL/NGN) ₦0.07
Malawi Kwacha Malawi Kwacha (MWK/NGN) ₦0.86
Gambia Dalasi Gambia Dalasi (GMD/NGN) ₦21.89
Burundi Franc Burundi Franc (BIF/NGN) ₦0.52
Guinea Franc Guinea Franc (GNF/NGN) ₦0.17
Liberia Dollar Liberia Dollar (LRD/NGN) ₦7.64
eSwatini Lilangeni eSwatini Lilangeni (SZL/NGN) ₦80.95
Cape Verde Escudo Cape Verde Escudo (CVE/NGN) ₦14.40
Rwanda Franc Rwanda Franc (RWF/NGN) ₦1.13
Djibouti Franc Djibouti Franc (DJF/NGN) ₦8.35
Eritrea Nakfa Eritrea Nakfa (ERN/NGN) ₦98.92
Zimbabwe Dollar Zimbabwe Dollar (ZMW/NGN) ₦57.47
Advancers & Decliners
Advancing Issues 31 8.38%
Declining Issues 44 11.89%
Unchanged Issues 292 78.92%
New Highs 0
New Lows 0
Up Volume 78
Down Volume 80
Unchanged Volumes 212
Research Files


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Daily Market Report 24th May 2024

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Daily Market Report 23rd May 2024

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UBA's HEIRS Loans and Matters Arising: Of Mountains and Mole Hills.

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Zenith Bank FY 2023 Result: +167% Growth in Trading Gains Drives Profit up +180%.

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Understanding West African Exchange Rate CFA Franc (XOF): A Proshare Explainer.

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Understanding the Transcorp Power Listing: The Purpose, Pricing, and People.

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The Reality of Delisting in Nigeria's Bourse: From Negativity to Prudent Judgement.

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Oando Consolidated Accounts and Lessons in Post-Regulatory Action - A Flashback on the Future.

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Nigeria's Policy Reforms: Of Confidence, Uncertainty, and Higher Risks.

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Nigerian Firms Performance in Q1 2024: Of Losses and Shrinking Profits.

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Nigeria's Equity Market Outlook: When Local Sentiments Counter Foreign Apathy.

29-Sep-2023 00:00:00.000

Lafarge Africa Q1 2024 Report: FX Revaluation Loss and Operating Costs Income -61.26%.

12-May-2024 00:00:00.000

Investors Search for Alternative Investment Opportunities in 2023 as Uncertainty Drives Markets.

05-Oct-2023 00:00:00.000

Fidelity Bank's FY 2023 Result under the Pre-Recapitalisation Microscope: Net Profit Grows +112.85% Despite Higher Loan Loss Provisions.

23-Apr-2024 00:00:00.000

Dangote Cement Q1 2024 Results: Top-line Revenue grew +101% as Sales volumes Rose +12.3%.

10-May-2024 00:00:00.000

CBN-ONSA Cybersecurity Levy: One Circular Too Many.

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