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(Source: NSE, Date: 22-Jul-2021)
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\viewkind4\uc1\pard\ltrpar\cf1\lang2057\f0\fs21 MARKET BULLETIN:\par
Please see below indicative prices for the following ETFs\par
Indicative Bid/Offer Prices for 22.07.2021 Market Open\par
\line VG30 ETF              - 16.98/17.13\par
VETBank ETF         - 3.77/3.87\line VETGoods ETF       - 5.90/6.00\par
VETInd ETF           - 19.14/19.34\par
VSPBONDETF        - 172.07/176.07\par
\cf1\fs21 Intra-day ETF NAV data is available throughout the trading session on \cf2\ul <>\cf1\ulnone .\par
Please note that these prices are indicative and are for information purposes only. For more information, visit <>\lang4096\f1\fs22\par
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