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Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert (09-Jun-2023 12:08:16.637)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 09-Jun-2023)
Dear Investor,
Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert - 09-Jun-2023 12:08:16.636

Unusual Volume: Volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average

Volume reflects the number of shares traded of a specific stock and is indicative of the conviction behind either the advance or decline of a stock price. InfoWARE AI classifies volume as unusual when the daily volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average. Traders typically interpret this to mean; a) When prices fall on increasing volume, the trend is gathering strength to the downside or b) When prices reach new highs (or no lows) on decreasing volume, watch out—a reversal might be taking shape.

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FCMBFCMB GROUP PLC.202.04M3.62M5,486.384.594.502.0009-Jun-2023 12:03:13.25354929.24M
JAPAULGOLDJAPAUL GOLD & VENTURES PLC18.21M5.43M235.260.480.449.0909-Jun-2023 12:00:30.080908.50M
UBNUNION BANK NIG.PLC.12.75M574.21K2,120.867.057.20-2.0809-Jun-2023 12:06:36.3771489.92M
ETERNAETERNA PLC.9.40M1.00M838.8613.4513.450.0009-Jun-2023 12:07:49.857369134.35M
FTNCOCOAFTN COCOA PROCESSORS PLC8.69M3.54M145.850.920.858.2409-Jun-2023 11:49:41.393757.91M
INTBREWINTERNATIONAL BREWERIES PLC.3.01M1.16M159.125.004.951.0109-Jun-2023 12:02:57.7904015.03M
SUNUASSURSUNU ASSURANCES NIGERIA PLC.2.33M258.23K803.920.430.47-8.5109-Jun-2023 11:57:38.62081.01M
PHARMDEKOPHARMA-DEKO PLC.1.51M164.44K819.742.282.37-3.8009-Jun-2023 12:04:54.583663.41M
REDSTAREXRED STAR EXPRESS PLC1.10M268.19K310.163.353.301.5209-Jun-2023 11:26:27.020143.34M
GUINEAINSGUINEA INSURANCE PLC.832.96K99.97K733. 10:51:10.6672166.59K

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