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InfoWARE Analyst Daily Market Report (30-Jul-2021 14:38:27.368)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 30-Jul-2021)
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Dear Investor
InfoWARE Analyst Daily Market Report

Investment Insights - Stocks outperforming the ASI but with approximately the same risk

These list of stocks represent equities that are less risky than the ASI but doing better than the ASI (All Shares Index) using the YTD (Year to Date) returns as the measure. The risk is measured by Beta. Beta is an assessment of a stock's tendency to undergo price changes, (its volatility), as well as its potential returns compared to the ASI. It is expressed as a ratio, where a score of 1 represents performance comparable to the ASI, and returns above or below the market may receive scores greater or lower than 1.

For a full list of both positively and negatively corelated stocks visit InfoWARE Market Data Terminal

Chart of the day: OPEC Basket Price Vs ASI (365 Day Chart)

The OPEC basket is a weighted average of oil prices from the different OPEC members around the world. The basket is a benchmark, or reference point, for those monitoring the price of oil and the stability of the global oil market. Today, the OPEC basket averages the prices from Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Gabon, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela. These fourteen countries represent the membership of OPEC. Many other countries throughout the world also produce oil. However, they are not OPEC members. Russia, the U.S., China, and Canada are all major oil producers but not OPEC members. OPEC’s member countries produce in total 40 percent of the world’s oil. (Definition Source:

OPEC Basket Price Vs ASI (365 Day Chart)

For more detailed analysis,

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