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Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert (22-Oct-2021 12:38:17.038)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 22-Oct-2021)
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Dear Investor
Breaking News! Unusual Volume Alert
Unusual Volume: Volume traded is more than double the 90 day moving average (All exchanges; ASI & ASem).
For more detailed analysis,
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  • On InfoWARE Finance Mobile App ( Android, iPhone & iPad and Windows 10), look under "Research & Trading Strategies"

ETIECOBANK TRANSNATIONAL INCORPORATED49.61M5.84M750.167.557.303.4222-Oct-2021 12:31:35.550195372.59M
MBENEFITMUTUAL BENEFITS ASSURANCE PLC.17.89M6.27M185.410.280.280.0022-Oct-2021 11:46:01.333175.01M
AIICOAIICO INSURANCE PLC.4.06M1.97M106.290.960.933.2322-Oct-2021 12:26:18.170323.76M
VERITASKAPVERITAS KAPITAL ASSURANCE PLC3.84M1.36M183.360.220.23-4.3522-Oct-2021 12:38:26.6407858.77K
ARDOVAARDOVA PLC2.83M373.92K657.5415.1015.100.0022-Oct-2021 12:31:57.7835742.24M
ETERNAETERNA PLC.2.09M536.11K290.168.007.703.9022-Oct-2021 12:26:38.9436716.52M
PZP Z CUSSONS NIGERIA PLC.1.95M624.40K211.865.905.409.2622-Oct-2021 12:21:10.1106011.48M
NPFMCRFBKNPF MICROFINANCE BANK PLC1.80M449.69K300.271.751.750.0022-Oct-2021 12:27:17.98083.16M
RTBRISCOER T BRISCOE PLC.200.00K34.19K484.920.200.200.0022-Oct-2021 12:01:19.880140.00K

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