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Breaking News! Bears Momentum Alert (09-Dec-2020 13:08:15.298)
(Source: InfoWARE Terminal, Date: 09-Dec-2020)
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Dear Investor
Breaking News! Bears Momentum Alert

BEAR Signal - Equities with Price crossing below 15 Day MA

This signal implies these stocks are under selling pressure and the price might continue to slide and therefore positions should be monitored closely. Further suggested analysis include looking at the overall market (ASI) to see if the downtrend is market wide, sector wide or specific to the stock. If the overal market trend is upwards, then since these stocks are heading in the opposite direction, then further analysis should be done using commands like PC and RV on the InfoWARE Market Data Terminal. Another command is ALERTS to set price triggers for possible exit is necessary

For more detailed analysis,
FG132026S112.50% FGN JAN 2026146.000.00146.
FG152028S113.98% FGN FEB 2028166.500.00166.530.
FGS20225712.195% FGS July 2022119.000.00119.
VSPBONDETFVETIVA S & P NIGERIA SOVEREIGN BOND ETF273.90-1.66275.280.000.00360.001.0098.60K
UCAPUNITED CAPITAL PLC4.50-2.004.564.520.2910.8927.00B1.09M38.004.93M
CORNERSTCORNERSTONE INSURANCE COMPANY PLC.0.58-3.450.596.750.073.3310.54B2.02M6.001.17M
NEIMETHNEIMETH INTERNATIONAL PHARMACEUTICALS PLC2.40-5.422.4631.680.041.984.56B200.50K6.00480.26K
LASACOLASACO ASSURANCE PLC.0.31-6.450.328.210.0615.152.27B281.07K9.0087.57K
ARDOVAARDOVA PLC13.20-9.4713.934.283.977.9617.19B320.62K19.004.25M

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