[GUARANTY]>> COMPANY REPORT (Source: GUARANTY, Date: 16-Aug-2019)
Name of Company	Guaranty Trust Bank Plc								
Date:	16 August, 2019								
Period:	30 June, 2019								
Statement of Comprehensive Income									
 	                                  Jun-19                    Jun-18
	                                  N'000	                    N'000
Gross Earnings	                       221,869,545	         226,632,061
Profit/Loss Before Tax	               115,787,342	         109,632,617
Taxation	                       (16,654,105)	         (14,051,037)
Profit/Loss After Tax	                99,133,237	          95,581,580

Basis Earnings per Share	           N3.50	             N3.38
Fully Diluted Earnings per Share	   N3.50	             N3.38

Corporate Actions									
Proposed Dividend	30k								
Proposed Bonus		NA								
Payment Date		11 September 2019
Closure Date		03 September 2019
AGM Date		NA								
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